"Discover Step By Step How To Produce Cold Water Starch"

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Cold water starch is used to stiffen clothes and fabrics. It is used in cold water at room temperature on the fabric to be treated. Production of cold water starch is a lucrative business due to high demand for it. Cold water starch is easy to use; it does not require boiling water to prepare it, this has made it a darling to starch users and launderers. The raw materials for producing it are affordable and readily available in the market. You can produce it anywhere and space is not a problem because it can be produced in your house or backyard. You don't need any costly equipment you only need containers for mixing and the mixing is done manually.

This cold water starch production ebook will show you step by step how to produce cold water starch. Two types of cold water starch (liquid & aerosol) are discussed in details including the the raw materials and where to get them. This ebook will also show you how best to package your starch and market it. You are covered by our 100% money back guarantee which means if you buy this ebook and you cannot produce cold water starch after implementing our formulations, just ask for your money and it will be refunded.

What  You Will Learn From This E-book

  • Step By Step How To Produce Liquid Cold Water Starch

  • Step By Step How To Produce Aerosol Cold Water Starch (Spray Starch)

  • Raw Materials Needed For Production

  • Where To Get Raw Materials

  • Packaging & Marketing Strategies

We are giving out this e-book for a pre-launch price of N3,500. After launching, the price will be increased to N5,000.

This wonderful e-book comes with the following e-books as bonus:

1. The Lost Secrets

2. How To Make A Killing Selling Your Online Business On eBay

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