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rubber chalk mould

From Zillion Ztanmac Global Limited,

Dear Friend,

Mould is an important part of Chalk Production; without it chalk cannot be produced. In fact, Chalk Mould is the only equipment you need in chalk making. So, your success in chalk making greatly depends on your mould. If your mould is bad definitely the chalk will be bad. If your mould is not made to industry standard you run the risk of incurring losses and you will find it difficult to break even. The importance of good mould in chalk making cannot be over-emphasised.

At Zillion Ztanmac Global Limited, we sell chalk moulds. Our Chalk Mould is made of rubber which makes it very durable and everlasting with no maintenance. While most of the chalk moulds in the market are 120 - 144 holes, our moulds are 240 holes. This means you can produce 240 chalks at a time as against 120 - 144 chalks with other moulds which translates into higher production rate and more profit.

Our mould does not leak like other moulds do over a period over time. You don't need electricity to operate it, it is easy to use even a child can operate it and more so it comes with clamps, washers and nuts. With our Chalk Mould your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How To Get This Rubber Chalk Mould

Delivery Anywhere in Nigeria (for buyers outside Lagos), if you are in Lagos visit our office and pick up the mould

To buy this chalk mould come to our office. If you are outside Lagos you can order for it and it will be delivered to you.

Bonus: Chalk Production Manual

How To Order For This Mould


Pay N29,000 to any branch of GTBank Plc nationwide

Account Name: Zillion Ztanmac Global Limited
Account Number: 0017657573

After making your payment, send an email to to notify us of your payment.
Your email with the Subject "Payment Made" should contain the following details:
1. Name
2. Contact Address
3. Phone Number
4. Deposit Slip Number

After confirmation of your payment, the rubber chalk mould with clamps & chalk production manual will be sent to you within 48 hours.


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